When Robert is brought on board, clients know that “It’s handled!" Whether a small in house production or a multi million dollar production, Robert represents a true professional attitude, appearance and work style. His personal experience and creative management style saves time, money, and deliver results. His passion comes throuh with every show he directs.


When you look at Robert's client lists, they are long-term relationships. His clients year after year continue to utilize his talents and his “Can Do” personality. Hiring someone with his vast experience makes good business sense. With each job, Robert gets a little smarter, a little better, and has fun doing it. 


As a Director Robert will

  • Create a detailed Rehearsal schedule
  • Create Costume selections 
  • Create unique Prop selections
  • Create Music selections 
  • Lead On-site Casting
  • Participate with your Press and Media Events 


Robert doesn't take his job lightly. He has been blessed to be at the helm of many successful events and productions around the world.  


Robert is a "people person" and states, "I like people! I like being a part of a team!"  Robert is a natural at leading others and has a proven track record of doing so. He knows that when leading others, its all about how well you halp others to their goals.  Robert believes it is important to not only recognize people, but also reward them. You will find many creative employee reward programs he has implemented over the years to acknowledge his team.


Producer functions include:

  • Cast and Crew accommodations and transportation
  • Cast & Crew Visa's and Contracts
  • On-site coordination and management
  • Client relationships
  • Production Breakdown and Budgeting


Management is about people and money. On the people side Robert truly believes that he understands performers and technical crews and knows how to lead them in the right direction. Money is so important these days and he prides himself on meeting budgets.


Robert's relationship with a client is crucial, it is a true partnership.  His proven track record shows that he has the gift. Robert has the experience and knows how to use it and it will show on the bottom line and in the ticket office.  Clients will have confidence knowing it is being done right the first time. Robert lives for quality and a long relationship.


It is important to Robert to keep up to date on communication skills, Human Resources, and attending seminars and classes dealing with managing people. Robert says, "We should strive to be educated on what is out there, within our budget and that fits our production needs. If it does indeed make a difference to the show, we should do everything we can do to get it and use it. It is my quest to explore the endless possibilities that enrich productions on a global scale. I need the gratification that I did my best, that I can hold my head high, and relish as guests enjoy the results of a hard days work and a job well done."



  • Performer Management
  • Employee Relations
  • 30 years of Management experience
  • Full on-site coordination and management

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